Biggest Wave Ever Ridden (Record Broke 11/8/11)

Biggest Wave Ever Ridden (Record Broke)

On Tuesday November 8th, in a small fishing town in Nazare, Portugal, Garret McNamara, a big wave surfer from Hawaii, rode the largest recorded wave in history. The face was measured at “around 90 feet”. Watch the video of this insane wave. Im sure you’ll be seeing this clip again.

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Kid Cudi ~ To Da Top

Kid Cudi ~ To Da Top

Introducing some unreleased Kid Cudi. This song has classic, mellow mooded Cudi feel over some beautiful piano notes. To Da Top is surely one to chill out too. Cudi always impressing. Download and Enjoy.

To Da Top

windChill- Pay Homage

windChill- Pay Homage

To any person who calls themselves a hip-hip fan, this one is guaranteed to give you chills. windChill pay his respects to some of the most classic artists and songs of past hip-hop music while spitting some amazing verse. With references to Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, Common and more, this one is an instant classic. Pay Homage is a song you’ll appreciate. Unfortunately, there is no download link, but check out windChill on iTunes.

Dawgs in the House (Udub)- Jake One, Geologic, Sol and Preach

Dawgs in the House- Jake One, Geologic, Sol and Preach

With UDub’s football team looking pretty solid this year, a few of the graduating rappers put together a song showing off some pride. This video will get you amped, regardless of if your a Dawg fan or not.