Stay warm with new FRESHJIVE

Here are some of Freshjive’s new collection for winter 2012.  Looks like they have got some warm jackets and hoodies for reasonable prices.  American Rag has got the full selection to choose from.


COMUNE Spring 2012 All New

All new COMUNE Spring collection is about to drop.  Looks Like they have got some sick jeans, knitted tops, sweatshirts and collars coming.  The video below gives a brief look at what is about to be released.  Check in soon for information on where to purchase their new collection.



SABRE VISON has a variety of sunglasses that differ and add flare to the typical pair that you would buy.  They add color, design and style to the boring pair that your rocking right now. Heres just a few of the favorites we have, but be sure to go to their site and look around. SABRE VISION

How to Make it in America Mixtape

How To Make It In America

To all those Enoutrage fans that are real bummed out that the show is over, we highly recommend Hbo’s,  How to Make it In America. The show is about 2 guys who are trying to make it in NY’s fashion scene but has a lot of the same aspects and feels that entourage did. Its only midway season 2 so catching up will not be a problem! Also, the show features very good music…Check out the trailer and mixtape below!’