Chiddy Bang: Ray Charles

Chiddy Bang: Ray Charles

This one is a new single off of Chiddy Bangs upcoming album Breakfast coming February 28th. Chiddy Bang has blown up over the past year but continues to produce quality music. This one has an old school beat and chorus with sick versus laid down by Chiddy. Download and Enjoy

Download Ray Charles: Chiddy Bang


Eligh and Jo – By and By Feat. The Grouch

It’s been awhile since our last post, but here is master piece performed by Eligh and his mother Jo.  Elighs and The Grouch’s flow combined with his mothers talent and unique voice delivers a mix that keeps on giving.

Download Eligh and Jo – By and By

Rebelution- Closer I Get Feat. John Popper

Rebelution- Closer I Get Feat. John Popper

I know we have posted a few of these guys, but this is an incredibly laid baid, mellow, new Rebellion song. Another single off of the upcoming album Peace of Mind. This one has the vocals and some incredible instrument solo’s. Enjoy this free download and be sure to get the new album on Jan 10th.

Download Closer I Get

Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown Feat. The Grouch & Zumbi

Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown Feat. The Grouch & Zumbi

Another leak off the highly anticipated album Therapy at 3 by Eligh and Amplive. This song, Destionations Unknown, is one to stand out featuring verses that are killed by the Grouch, and Zumbi of Zion i as well as Eligh. From the tracks that we have heard off this upcoming album, I am sure that it is going to live up to hype. Be sure to grab Therapy at 3 when it comes out on 11/15/11. Download this one and also check out the street reactions video for the song.

Download Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown

Biggest Wave Ever Ridden (Record Broke 11/8/11)

Biggest Wave Ever Ridden (Record Broke)

On Tuesday November 8th, in a small fishing town in Nazare, Portugal, Garret McNamara, a big wave surfer from Hawaii, rode the largest recorded wave in history. The face was measured at “around 90 feet”. Watch the video of this insane wave. Im sure you’ll be seeing this clip again.

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