Eligh and Jo – By and By Feat. The Grouch

It’s been awhile since our last post, but here is master piece performed by Eligh and his mother Jo.  Elighs and The Grouch’s flow combined with his mothers talent and unique voice delivers a mix that keeps on giving.

Download Eligh and Jo – By and By


Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown Feat. The Grouch & Zumbi

Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown Feat. The Grouch & Zumbi

Another leak off the highly anticipated album Therapy at 3 by Eligh and Amplive. This song, Destionations Unknown, is one to stand out featuring verses that are killed by the Grouch, and Zumbi of Zion i as well as Eligh. From the tracks that we have heard off this upcoming album, I am sure that it is going to live up to hype. Be sure to grab Therapy at 3 when it comes out on 11/15/11. Download this one and also check out the street reactions video for the song.

Download Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown

windChill- Pay Homage

windChill- Pay Homage

To any person who calls themselves a hip-hip fan, this one is guaranteed to give you chills. windChill pay his respects to some of the most classic artists and songs of past hip-hop music while spitting some amazing verse. With references to Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, Common and more, this one is an instant classic. Pay Homage is a song you’ll appreciate. Unfortunately, there is no download link, but check out windChill on iTunes.

Rebelution: Meant To Be (Feat Jacob Hemphill of Soja)

Rebelution: Meant To Be (Feat Jacob Hemphill of Soja)

Here is another brand new single off of Rebelution’s upcoming album, Peace of Mind. This one is a slower style than the usual Rebelution, but is very relaxing and the voice of Jacob Hemphill of Soja in the chorus makes it perfect. Think back to summer, download and enjoy!

Download Rebelution: Meant To Be

YONAS: Pumped Up Kicks

YONAS: Pumped Up Kicks (Remix)

There has been a lot of remixes to this song, but this is definitely one of the top ones that we have heard. YONAS, from New York City, has a laid back style and gives off incredibly good vibes that are experienced in this one. Haven’t heard much from YONAS, but after this one,  expect to see more of him. Enjoy!

Download YONAS: Pumped Up Kicks

Ballyhoo! Say I’m Wrong/Songs you Should Know!

Ballyhood! Songs You Should Know/ Say I’m Wrong

Ballyhoo!, a reggae rock band from Maryland on Law Records, is finishing up their tour with Pepper and The Expendebles. To any one who is a fan of either of those bands, or any other reggae rock, you will be sure to like these guys. Its hard to find good bands making quality reggae-rock other than the known ones, so its always rad when you can add one more to your playlist. Check out the featured new song Say I’m Wrong and trust us and Download the Songs You Should Know album.

Download Say I Know

Download Songs You Should Have: Ballyhoo