Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown Feat. The Grouch & Zumbi

Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown Feat. The Grouch & Zumbi

Another leak off the highly anticipated album Therapy at 3 by Eligh and Amplive. This song, Destionations Unknown, is one to stand out featuring verses that are killed by the Grouch, and Zumbi of Zion i as well as Eligh. From the tracks that we have heard off this upcoming album, I am sure that it is going to live up to hype. Be sure to grab Therapy at 3 when it comes out on 11/15/11. Download this one and also check out the street reactions video for the song.

Download Eligh & Amp Live: Destinations Unknown


windChill- Pay Homage

windChill- Pay Homage

To any person who calls themselves a hip-hip fan, this one is guaranteed to give you chills. windChill pay his respects to some of the most classic artists and songs of past hip-hop music while spitting some amazing verse. With references to Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, Common and more, this one is an instant classic. Pay Homage is a song you’ll appreciate. Unfortunately, there is no download link, but check out windChill on iTunes.

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis: And We Danced (BRAND NEW VIDEO)

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis: And We Danced Video

We are so stoked to present you guys the brand new Macklemore video for his song And We Danced off his Unplanned Mixtape. This is our first Macklemore post but will most definitely not be the last.  The Seattle based rapper has one of the most unique styles we have heard and touches on all sorts of topics. This insanely creative video starts off with an old western feel but than completely changes vibes to one that is for sure going to get you stoked! Party to this one right in time for Halloween night!

Download Macklemore: And We Danced

Amp Live Featuring Del The Funky Homosapien: Video Tapez

Amp Live Featuring Del The Funky Homosapien: Video Tapez

Bump this classic remixed song by Amp Live featuring the legend, Del the funky homosapien. He has got one of the most recognizable voices and an insane flow. Amp Live drops a beat here that has the same sound and style that we heard in Coastin with his partner in crime, Zumbi. (together they make up Zion-I.) Download and enjoy.

Download Video Tapez


Wale- Slight Work (Feat. Diplo and Big Sean)

Wale: Slight Work Feat. Diplo and Big Sean

Not usually one to post a lot of mainstream guys, but Wale is one rapper who i think has a lot of talent and makes some solid tunes. This is a premier single off Wale’s upcoming album Ambition whose beat was made by word class Dj, Diplo and features Big Sean. Crank this one! Also, watch the video of some behind the scenes action of the making of the upcoming album. Its gonna be a good one

Download Wale: Slight Work

The Grouch ~ Never Die

The Grouch: Never Die

Very stoked to present you guys a song by the Living Legend himself, The Grouch. He is a one of the main founders of the Living Legends, nearly 15 years ago and is still making music that sounds just as good, if not better.  The Grouch is a very down to earth rapper whose voice and lyrics is what you will notice about his songs. Never Die comes off the album Show you the World and is one of the bests. The Grouch, Zion-i and Eligh are just days from starting their tour so check out if their in your area. Download this free one and enjoy!

Download The Grouch: Never Die

How The Grouch Stole Christmas Tour

Classified- All About You (Video)

Classified ~ All About You ft. Chad Hatcher

Introducing you guys to one of our favorite rappers, Classified. This canadian rapper has such a powerful voice combined with lyrics that always have so much meaning. Although their is no download link for this one, this song goes down on as one of our all time favorites, getting deep and rhyming about life. It will hit you hard. Classified has dropped some incredible music since this song so be sure to give him a look.

Classified on iTunes