Blue Scholars, Grynch, Bambu

Blue Scholars – Fou Lee

Absolutely destroyed it last night in Boulder, Colorado!  This duo consisting of MC Geologic and Dj Sabzi, out of Seattle, Washington, are the type of artists that are keeping hip-hop alive. The Blue Scholars combine meaningful lyrics with the dopest beats to make absolutely amazing music. The pride that they have for their city is incredible. Their most recent album, Cinematropolis is a lyrical motion picture and a piece of art. Check out the music video for “Fou Lee” off the album.

Purchase Cinematropolis on Itunes

Grynch – All I Wanna Do

Grynch was the start to an unbelievable party that the Blue Scholars put on.  The one and only Grynch; a Seattle based hip-hop phenomena tore up the stage with crazy rhymes.  We got a chance to talk to this guy after he performed and he was real laid back and passionate about where he was at.  Check out his newest music on itunes, but for now listen to this sick mix featuring Sol.

Download Grynch (featuring Sol) – All I Wanna Do

Bambu – Something

We saw Bambu last night open up for the Blue Scholars and kill it!  This was the first time hearing him and he blew it up.  Very lyrical, fast and on tune.  Check his albums out on itunes, but here is a mix that is mellow and dope.

Download Bambu – Something Mix


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